Remembrance from Lekan Ogunsakin

Oh death, where is your sting?

NK, your loss was untimely, inexplicable, unfathomable, and beyond all of us, mortals. We are all still speechless and numbed on hearing of your sudden demise.

You epitomized altruism, selflessness, dedication, hard work, a bright light for a positive change, and a beacon of hope and success. Your tenacity, resilience, and tirelessness were inspiration to all of us.

You were undaunting, resilient, and fearless in expressing your visions, aspirations, dreams, and passions, and you were equally undaunting, resilient, and fearless in executing and actualizing them. You left no stones unturned and always gave everything it took to actualize your dreams and lofty goals.

In all your involvements, you were never a spectator, but an active participant, a force to reckon with, passionate on every issue that will bring positive change, and backed them all with actions.

In you, NK, the world just lost a smart, a loving, an amiable, a vivacious, an erudite, an industrious, and brilliant medical doctor.

You were an embodiment of excellence in all ramifications and a magnanimous inspiration to us all.

May God give your family and loved ones the fortitude to bear this great loss and void, and to give us all strength at this tough period of mourning.

May your loving and gentle soul rest in peace.

On behalf of pioneering members of Tulane ISAB,
goodbye NK, till we meet again.

– Lekan Ogunsakin (GEHS MPH ’12, PhD ’15)

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