Tulane Public Health Dean Leads Heath Equity Task Force

Gov. John Bel Edwards announced the creation of the task force in April saying, “We know that right now 70 percent of our deaths in Louisiana from coronavirus are African Americans.

Stusdent collects wastewater sample
Wastewater surveillance researchers wading through COVID-19 clues

Since it’s known that viral RNA is shed through feces, even in asymptomatic individuals, the best way to head off COVID-19 outbreaks in New Orleans and elsewhere might just prove to be its waste. Or, as Samendra Sherchan, PhD, assistant professor in the School of Public Health and Tropical Medicine’s Department of Environmental Health Sciences puts it: “Poop never lies!”

Developing a fuller picture of COVID-19 impact and spread

With many COVID-19 cases going undetected, researchers question how much more widespread the virus may be in the U.S. population. Tulane University School of Public Health and Tropical Medicine is one of five institutions using antibody testing and symptom data to estimate overall COVID-19 infection rates over time.

Social marketing program advances conversation around Black health

Diabetes. Stroke. Heart disease. Even COVID-19. All of these deadly health concerns disproportionately affect Black communities, but the underlying reasons for the inequity have little to do with biology and everything to do with the systems and myths that adversely impact health.